Genre is secondary, the main thing is that it's good music.

  1. Recording

    Book a slot in the studio in Darmstadt!

  2. Sounddesign

    The sound makes the music! With the help of modern synthesizers and a huge collection of sound material, I create your own world of sound together with you.

  3. Editing

    Pitch correction of the singer or timing of the drummer - I have the tools to perfect your recording.

  4. Mixing

    When mixing, I balance timbre and volume for maximum transparency and the best listening experience.

  5. Mastering

    In the last step, I get the best out of your track, EP or album and prepare your music optimally for streaming or CD production. Not 100% sure about your mix? Send a request for a stem mastering so I have even more possibilities to get to your desired sound.

  6. Remote Production

    Music production from a distance? No problem! Thanks to modern audio transmission, we can work together on your music remotely without compromising on quality. From your living room directly into my studio!


There are stories that simply have to be told audiovisually.

  1. Editing

    Editing includes removing noise from the original sound and adjusting the volume. Here the sound track is homogenised.

  2. Sounddesign

    Creating the sound world of your film - whether foley, ambiences or sound effects, with extensive sound libraries and self-produced sound design I amplify emotions and actively contribute to the storytelling.

  3. ADR

    ADR stands for Automatic Dialogue Recording. Did something go wrong with the original sound on set? Come to the studio in Darmstadt with your actors and together we will replace the dialogue track.

  4. Mixing

    In the mix, the optimal balance is found between sounds, dialogue, sound effects and music. Here your film is prepared for television, cinema or streaming.

  5. Komposition

    Music for background and trailer, sound logos and jingles to match your production.

Audio book

The right story doesn't need a picture - only imagination!

  1. Recording

    Book a slot in the speaker's booth! You still need a speaker? Make a request!

  2. Sounddesign

    This is where your story really comes to life.

  3. Editing

    Everything that does not belong to the story is removed here. This can be smacks, breaths or other disturbing noises.

  4. Mixing

    In the mix, I set the perfect balance between sounds, music and dialogue. This works in stereo and in binaural 3D for an even more immersive listening experience.

  5. Composition

    You need a sound logo or a jingle? Then you've come to the right place!


Tell your stories in podcast format!

  1. Editing

    Breaths, smacks, slips of the tongue, noise and overlays of speakers can be distracting - I have the tools to remove all that.

  2. Mixing

    Speech intelligibility and balance between the speakers is not crucial to the success of your podcast, but it is very important. I make sure that your podcast sounds as pleasant as possible on all devices.

  3. Compostition

    You need a jingle or a sound logo for your podcast? You've come to the right place!